Mohammad Reza Yazdi

Commencing professional aspect of my work refers to the time when I was a university student and deeply attached to the movements and changes of living organisms. My initial inspiration since I had started working as an artist was athletic figures. More specifically, the way their actions operated fascinated me. My participation in Art and Olympic Biennale encouraged me to create projects that were more serious. At that time I managed to obtain statistical methods in showing ‘motion’ as a medium through observation, esearch and experiments upon the consequences of how exactly a phenomenon moves, mostly at slow-motion pace. In my opinion, motion and in general Kinetic Arts have brought dynamism into my artworks due to forms and their functions. Considering this statement, I can say that in the First Explosion collection the audience will closely encounter with my sculpture creating an interactive space. This correlation is directly connected to the viewer to deliberately shake the sculpture or make any movements. Moving one step forward, in Flying collection, I was capable of both creating stronger connection between my artwork and the audience and expanding it throughout giving a blow and by this air displacement the geometrical forms and surfaces were simply reformed and reshaped.In my recent project, the Deep Breathing, in which movements are designed mechanically, the rhythm of my own inhale and exhale is recorded and played. The harmonic combination of half traditional and half abstract motives produce geometric logical space. Iranian architecture and visual culture during the Islamic period are two tremendous sources of inspiration to me. I do believe site specific design is of great importance in preserving my perceptive skills. This indicates my enthusiasm to cooperate with interior designers and architects. My artworks are the interval between architecture, interior design and sculpture since there is agallant relation between them. The concept and purpose of buildings and structures is fundamentally altered based upon my designs, in a sense, the whole process of drawing and installing an additional object to a certain place manipulates the whole content of the space. It can be said that architecture is a live body so what I am presenting as a metaphor is to create both heart and lungs of the building due to its style, shape, color and all visual elements.

During the recent 3 years, I have had the privilege to be accompanied by three of the best engineers in the field of electronics and computer sciences who provide me with significant advancements in my projects. I am so pleased to enjoy their continuous cooperation. Mr. Farhad Pourkhorsandi and Mr. Hamidreza Maghari who are professional in electronics and hardware . Also Mr. Morteza Ghavami, a computer science expert, plays a pivotal role in programing my new projects. 


Resume & Bio: 

Born in 1986, Tehran, Iran



  • 2009 B.A. in Sculpture, Tehran University.
  • 2012 Master of Advanced Studying of Arts, Tehran University.


Main Activities

  • A Member of Policy Council , 7th Tehran Biennale of Contemporary Sculpture
  • 2017 A Member of Art Council, Second Art Festival of Tehran (Baharestan)
  • 2017 A Member of Selection Committee, First Art Festival of "Nafas" (Organization of Donor Organization of Iran)
  • 2017 A Member of the Selection Committee, 10th Small Sculpture Exhibition (Association of Iranian Sculptures, Arran Art Gallery)
  • 2017 A Member of the Selection Committee and Policy Council, 6th National Urban
  • 2016 A Member of Art Council, First Art Festival of Tehran (Baharestan)
  • 2016 A Board Member, Association of Iranian Sculptors
  • 2015 Teaching at Fine Arts University of Tehran
  • 2015 A Member of the Board of Juries, 7th International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran
  • 2014-2015 A Member of Policy Council, 8th International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran
  • 2014 A Member of the Selection Committee, 6th International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran
  • A Member of Association of Iranian Sculptors since 2008


Solo exhibitions:

  • 2015 Interactive & Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition entitled Deep Breathing (Dastan's Basement Art Gallery), Tehran, Iran
  • 2013 Interactive Sculpture Exhibition entitled The Flight. (Dastan's Basement Art Gallery), Tehran, Iran


Group Exhibitions:

  • 2018 Teer Art, Ava Center, Tehran, Iran
  • 2017 Update, V Gallery-Dastan, Tehran, Iran
  • 2017 Approaches and Trends in Iran’s Contemporary Art, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2016 Geometry, V Gallery-Dastan, Tehran, Iran
  • 2016 Selected Iranian Artists, Sophia Gallery, Landon, Uk
  • 2015 Fearless, Curated by Feredyon Ave, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2015 The 8th Anniversary of Shirin Gallery’s Opening, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2015 Aseman Gallery, Mashhad, Iran
  • 2014 A Selection of Three Generations of Iranian Sculptors, Seyhoon Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2013 Scope of Meaning, Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2012 Figurative Sculptures, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2011 7th exhibition of small sculptures, Forouhar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2011 Second Tehran Expo of Sculptures, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2010 5th exhibition of small sculptures, Khaneh Honarmandan, Tehran, Iran
  • 2008 International Exhibition of Art and Spirituality, Busan, north Korea
  • 2008 Art, Sport and Olympics, National Olympics Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2007 Ascension of Rumi, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
  • 2006 Art, Sport and Olympics, National Olympics Gallery, Tehran, Iran




  • 2017 third International Kinetic Sculptures Biennial, Boynton Beach, Florida, US
  • 2015 Participating in the 4th Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures (Ghasr Art museum)
  • 2013 Participating in the 3th Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures (Barg Art Gallery)
  • 2012 Participating in the 6th National Sculpture Biennale of Tehran (Niavaran Art Museum)
  • 2011 Participating in the Second Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures (Barg Art Gallery)
  • 2008 Quadrennial of Art and Olympics, Beijing, China
  • 2008 Participating in the First Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures (Barg Art Gallery)




  • 2015 Participating in the First International Stone Sculpture Symposium of Kish (Kish Island, Iran) 
  • 2014 Participating in the First International Sculpture Symposium of Padideh Shandiz (Mashhad, Iran)
  • 2011 Participating in the third National Environmental Arts Festival of Tehran (Laleh Park, Iran)
  • 2011 Participating in first International Stone Sculpture Symposium of Tehran -September (Tehran, Iran)
  • 2010 Participating in third International Stone Sculpture Symposium of Canada (Bergen Rocks), (Calgary, Alberta)
  • 2007 Participating in 6th National Sand Sculpture Festival of Iran (Babolsar)
  • 2005 First Snow Sculptures, Saad Abad Palace, Tehran, Iran



Outdoor Installed Sculptures:

  • 2018 With the Wing of Delight, Tehran, Iran
  • 2014, Memorial for a pigeon, Mashhad, Iran
  • 2013, Untitled, Mashhad, Iran
  • 2012, From Scissors Series, Mashhad, Iran
  • 2011, Mother, Tehran, Iran
  • 2010, Untitled, Tehran, Iran



Awards and Projects Selected

  • 2015 Certificate of honor in the First International Stone Sculpture of Kish (Kish Island)
  • 2011 1st winner of the Third International Stone Sculpture Symposium of Tehran (Milad Tower)
  • 2010   Winner of the award dedicated to the best work from the viewers' perspective, and the 2010 5th stand in the Board of Judges in the second biennial of Urban Space Sculpture
  • 2010 The elected design in the summon for Designing Voluminal Element of Vanak Square (Beautifying Organization of Tehran)
  • 2008 The selected work from Iran in Voluminal Section of the 4-year exhibition of Art and Olympics (Lozan Switzerland)
  • 2008 Honorary diploma of Global Festival of Art and Olympics (Pecan)
  • 2007 3rd winner of Sand Statues Festival, 2007 (Babolsar)
  • 2007 The selected work in Art, Sport and Olympics Festival, 2007 (National Academy of Olympics)
  • 2006 The selected work in Art, Sport and Olympics Festival (National Academy of Olympics)



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