Memorial for a dry tree, 2014, Steel, 900.260.280 cm, Mashhad


The present collection entitled Parvaz (The Flight) is the product of the first period of personal studies that Mohamadreza Yazdi went through in Kinetic sculpture and Interactive art. These art works have an abstract body inspired by geometric patterns and native visual signs; and on the other hand they encompass the essence that is in interaction with physical characteristics like gravity, weight and force and at the end they contain the ability that in co-action behavior with audience tell the story beyond the context, space and visual structures.

Flat abstract forms with brief and sharp colors made the art works deceptively and ideally attractive so it fades in space like a sweet and light dream. Duality of stable and grounded forms as well as the movable parts free in space makes a kind of contrast that is more like a dream of flying. Here is the place that artist makes distance from his subjective ideals and looks at the anti-order and meaningless truth of modern society. By this practice artist challenges to face with his metaphoric glance and tries to share it with audience via interaction.

Forms that remain in their lightness and kinetic abilities, like silent musical instruments which are waiting, have the dream of being played. This will happen when audience, just with a soft blow, moves the body of sculpture. So the theme of flying in artist’s mind is reconstructed to an abstract metaphor encouraging the audience to enter a delicate interaction with the artwork to induce and perfect it. In other words, in this framework, the audience will discover an abstract quality that is not just about visual characteristics of art works, but it’s symbolic and is in a challenge with content, theme and action beyond the structure. So the aspects of these qualities all together create a contemporary display of interaction art.


Written by Hamid Shans, 2013

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